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ArthurAutumn & The Dandy Moon are coming to The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles Ca Saturday, October 27th in Celebration of the Release of Your Heartbeat Is Revolution! Joining ArthurAutumn for the evening with be fellow Los Angeles Bands and Songwriters by the likes of Rj Bloke, Karo Vadnais, Magnolia Memoir and Great Willow.  ArthurAutumn & The Dandy Moon will perform Your Heartbeat Is Revolution is its entirety.  Sure to be a special evening and lots of interesting things being planned!  Stay tuned for more info! Tickets on sale now! Click here for tickets



The 3rd album by ArthurAutumn entitled Your Heartbeat Is Revolution is coming on September 25th, 2018.  On Tuesday, September 25th, Your Heartbeat Is Revolution will be available on Vinyl and all digital formats in the STORE.

You can now pre-order the forthcoming ArthurAutumn release "Your Heartbeat Is Revolution".  This pre-order is for the VINYL record only.  Head over to the Store!  All Vinyl Editions of Your Heartbeat Is Revolution will come inserted with a digital download card.


Your Heartbeat Is Revolution finds ArthurAutumn at his most ambitious to date, with the lyric tackling many of the issues currently pressing the Planet. 

Your Heartbeat Is Revolution is the sound of a modern day Songwriter in search of answers, holding a mirror up to the current state of things, in an effort to create positive conversation.  Below is a sampler including all 10 songs from the album Your Heartbeat Is Revolution coming Tuesday, September 25th



The ArthurAutumn interpretation of The White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" is now available in all Digital Formats.  Described as being a Gothic-Folk take on this now iconic song, ArthurAutumn infuses Organ, Cello, Timpani and a wall of harmonies as if The Beach Boys were making Pet Sounds on a rainy day in Seattle.  Click here to purchase