The ArthurAutumn interpretation of the The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" is now available in all your Digital Formats! Dig it!

Recording has been completed for the forthcoming ArthurAutumn Record, to be titled Your Heartbeat Is Revolution.  The Album will comprise of 10 Songs, with a lead off single release coming soon to your digital formats.  The full length ArthurAutumn Record, Your Heartbeat Is Revolution will be released on Vinyl, with a release date to be determined.   

Over the past year we've seen so many changes occur on this Planet, many of which will take great effort among all of us to fix.  The material on this Record reflects just that, in an effort to create positive conversation to promote positive change.  It's an expansive Record full of sounds, Horns, Strings, Wurlitzer's, Organs, Pedal Steels, Gospel Singers, and chains found in the yard.


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Arthur plays:
Hohner Blues Harp
Golden Melody
Special 20
In various keys